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PNIT-method is an innovative approach for managing and preventing health problems and promoting well-being. The method can shorten health rehabilitation times making it a sound economical investment for businesses and organisations.

PNIT-method works by understanding and influencing the relationships between human emotions and the nervous and immune systems, as well as the impact of toxins on these relationships.

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How PNIT-method works

A Three Part Model

Psychology, medicine and toxicology form the preventative and therapeutic structure to PNIT-method. These three parts work integratively, increasing and balancing the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. All three parts have significance in improving health.

Neurotransmitters transmit nerve signals chemically from one nerve cell to another. Each neurotransmitter has a specific function. PNIT- method supports and balances the following neurotransmitters:
There are many other known neurotransmitters and possibly others yet unknown.



Shorten rehabilitation times and prevent health problems

Long term and stress related sicknesses are a big problem today. Shorter and fewer sick absences, quicker rehabilitation and increased well-being makes PNIT- method a good economical investment for businesses and organisations.


Increase holistic awareness

PNIT- method is an integrative method and works to clarify and understand the relationships between human emotions, stress, the nervous and immune systems and environmental toxins.


Break negative patterns

Understanding underlying health destructive life patterns is essential in permanently resolving health issues. PNIT- method works with the whole person including lifestyle coaching.


A proven method

The PNIT concept is well proven and tested to give good results. It has been used in treatment of individuals with stress-related depression. PNIT- method is described in the book "Från MS-diagnos till bättre hälsa (From MS diagnosis to better health)" by Dr. Birgitta Brunes. In 2009 another book by Birgitta and Christian Brunes was published where the scientific background to PNIT -method is described in more depth. Book information...


Offer a tool

PNIT- method provides a tool for those already working with stress related illness and preventative health care.




-Rehabilitation coordinators for social insurance offices

-Human resources managers

-Therapists and health coaches

-Company healthcare services









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